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Home grown chillis for hot sauce with a paved garden and fence in the background

About Resistance Hot Sauce

I have always enjoyed tinkering in our home kitchen in Seaford, East Sussex.

During the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I experimented making different foods. At various times, you couldn't move for jams, chutneys and pickled onions taking up every available space. And then I grew a few Scotch Bonnet chillies and tried my hand at making some hot sauce. BANG! The magic happened.

After receiving great feedback from friends and family, I took the plunge and after many nights of perfecting recipes - Resistance Hot Sauce was born. I still grow many of the chillies in my garden and will always commit to hand preparing everything and making small, limited number batches.

Resistance Hot Sauce is for those who love real, hand prepared, super tasty hot sauce.

Head of the Resistance

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