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  • How do you make your sauces?
    Our sauces are 100% handmade & homemade. We always use fresh chillies and never discard the seeds as we like to include all of the natural heat of the chillies. We don’t use any additives. The vinegar in our recipes perfectly preserves our sauces and we use a stove top canning process to ensure they stay fresh for many months unopened.
  • Where are your chillies from?
    We grow chillies in our small home garden but we don’t have the space to grow enough to meet demand. When we need more, we use a UK based supplier who have chilli farms in the UK, Spain, Holland & Rwanda.
  • What do you mean by small batch?
    We produce limited batches of our sauces. We make quality, craft hot sauces and we always prepare by hand to ensure that every bottle is made with care and tastes great.
  • Can I buy Resistance Hot Sauce in store?
    Not just yet. Currently we are mail order to within the UK only.
  • Are your sauces vegan?
    Yes, everything we make is 100% vegan.
  • Do you have allergen information?
    Yes, you can find this information in our product descriptions both in our online shop and on our bottles. All of sauces are made with vinegar that contains Barley and therefore are not suitable for anyone with a gluten allergy.
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