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Couscous salad with hot sauce and chilli

Give your food the taste it deserves with Resistance Hot Sauce

It's time to fight back against mass-produced, flavourless and boring sauces.


We are committed to making small batches of fresh and flavoursome sauce. From chopping the chillies to sealing the bottles - every step of our process is completed by hand.

We take pride in the hot sauces we’ve designed and refined – to provide other hot sauce lovers with the best flavours and the best eating experience.

Meat skewers with hot sauce on metal cutlery with roasted chillies  and dips on a black wooden board

Hot sauce and beyond

Our enthusiasm for food extends beyond crafting fiery condiments. In addition to our passion for making amazing hot sauces, we love to eat!


We enjoy cooking in our home kitchen in Seaford, UK as well as exploring local eateries, restaurants and cafés.

Check out our Instagram profile for recipes, reviews and all things food!

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